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Our Amouage Men Special Deal! - unreleased fragrances!

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Three 1/3oz Roll ons Men Fragrances from Amouage
Reflection Man
Overture Man
Portrayal Man

The fifth chapter of the cycle of the Amouage narrative, Portrayal is a manifestation of a person's orientation to himself. A reflection of his unique authenticity, it is about breaking free from the cages of solitude society set around people because their truths are often seen as shockingly unconventional.

Portrayal embodies an artist's ability to reconnect fragments from different times and places. When society is barren, they are able to transport themselves and immerse in the freedom of rebellion that can compare to London's Roaring 1920's and New York's grooving 1980's. With the flamboyant, glamorous and often disaffected companionship of Bright Young People, the artists lose themselves.

It is an olfactive depiction of bohemian culture. Its woody and leather aroma exudes an air of exquisite audacity. It is about the arrogance and social tension in the world’s cultural discourse. With Vetiver at its heart and top notes of Violet Leaves, Portrayal Man emits a dandy yet masculine impression.

Portrayal Man  Notes

Violet Leaves, Vetiver, Cade


Overture Man (2019)

A magnificent portrayal of a gentleman’s mystique, the fragrance evokes stories of elegance, grandeur and emotion often celebrated in operatic performances. Overture opens with rich Cognac, evoking a sense of majestic sophistication. It reveals a sensation of mystery through Myrrh in the heart notes and is anchored by seductive Sandalwood in its base.

This woody fragrance is for those who exude a sense of grace, dignity, and creativity. Overture conjures a tale of a gentleman, dressed for an elegant evening in a black dinner jacket accented by a silk cummerbund and bow tie.


 Reflection Man

The quintessence of masculine elegance, Reflection Man captures the seductive power of a man's inner strength. Edgy and classic, the composition juxtaposes coldness of citrus with the warmth of spices. Top notes of rosemary, red pepper and bitter orange leaves are chilly and bracing, a jolting breath of icy air in the midst of summer. The piquancy, which is apparent from the start, is rich and fiery, but never sharp, smoothed and softened by the presence of velvety orris and creamy ylang-ylang. Floral notes contribute to the sun-drenched, summery feel of the blend without compromising its undeniably masculine feel. The base of vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood, combined with the spices and orris, is dark, enveloping, and sensual. Virile and unexpectedly soft at the same time...a luxurious modern classic.

Reflection Man  Notes

Rosemary, red pepper berries, bitter orange leaves, neroli, orris, jasmine, ylang ylang, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood.



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