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Our Impression Of Bleu De Chanel

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Customer Reviews

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Man I love this one. Special fragrance!!

Great Fragrance!

This doesn't smell very identical to the original BDC, but overall, this is a great fragrance. It's fresh, smooth, and it projects very well.

Blu de Chanel

Brilliant fragrance!

Was a decent version

Smells like it for about 15 min then turns into a musk scent to me. Everything else I have ordered from here is 90-95% and long lasting

Bleu is Tres Bien

I have been using Chanel's Bleu since it has been offered. I found Chanel's version of toilettte lasted little more than one hour. Their parfum version was better - perhaps 3 or 4 hours. I find the FragrantBodyOilz version lasts MUCH longer at a fraction of the price and I don't find any difference in scent.