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Clive Christian

Our Impression Of Clive Christian No 1 (M)

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Wanting to push the parameters of what is acceptable, Clive Christian turned his creative design to having a fragrance for the night. No. 1 was created with passion. It has great personality; it is refined and without question highly distinctive and original. It is a perfume which stands out from the crowd; it is the fragrance of ultimate luxury.

Starting with intensely green herbal notes of bergamot, lime and mandarin, No. 1 for men soon plunges into a carnal world of cardamom-spiced rich vanilla, amber and Mysore Indian sandalwood. Fresh yet rich, clean yet indolic, No. 1 for Men's mandarin-tinged florals � rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang float atop a second layer of rich base notes like a perfume version of hydroponics. Although categorized as an Oriental Amber, there's no ignoring this perfume's aromatic freshness, aided by subtle grapefruit and artemesia and lasting into the dry down like a veil over its warmer base. Like most of Clive Christian's scents designated for men, this elixir is easily categorized as unisex. 


Customer Reviews

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This interpretation of Clive Christian is very nice and luxurious! It is pretty accurate but also has its own identity. I am def going to keep this in my rotation and it is well worth the purchase! It leaves a nice scent bubble around you and it will keep you preoccupied by smelling yourself all day!

Chive Christain No.1

Very nice lite scent. Not to strong and overpowering. Definitely will last most of the day.


Clive Christian No 1 (M)

Great Product

Spells just like Clive Christian #1. thanks

The name is the rating

By far No1 by CC is the best smelling cologne in the world. It's a scent of calm, yet draws everyone's attention. Guys even ask what I'm wearing because it smells so good and they notice every girl wants to be close. My second choice is le male. It's rated #2 preferred by women. Just as amazing smell, but vanilla with a more energetic attraction. Most guys get mad and jealous as its threatening vs calming to men.