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Juliette Has A Gun

Fragrance Family: Floral

Scent Type: Powdery Florals

Key Notes: Raspberry, Violet, Iris

Fragrance Description: This feminine, essential fragrance takes its inspiration from a streak of lipstick. Focused on historic notes of violet absolute, raspberry, and iris enhanced with a refined woody base, the scent echoes the leather of the handbag so often inseparable from it.

About the Fragrance: She does very bad things, but she does them very well. Voluptuous, sensual, and provocative, Lipstick Fever is a hot-blooded red kiss, locking minds together while cheeks blaze with desire and passion. Lipstick Fever is an irrevocable hymn to femininity.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

My new favorite fragrance!

Cute and flirty

This scent is a cute and flirty type of scent. Great for date night!

I'm really rating this a 3.5

My true rating for the Lipstick fever oil is a 3.5, it's very nice smelling. I did notice one weird thing tho, the sample vial of it was the truest to a sweet lipstick smell, but a slightly bigger roll on size smelled quite different- not terrible, just wished it smelled just like the vial sample.

Lipstick 💄 Fever

This scent is still a mystery to me. I like it one day and the next it smells different. Not in a bad way, just different (that's probably just me) SBO has been awesome with my scents and Ill definitely be reordering a few scents again soon (only in larger bottles!🙃)