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Our Impression Of Eros (M)

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Versace is launching a new fragrance for men – Eros inspired by and deeply connected with Greek mythology. The aim of this edition is to reveal and release unrestrained passion and to accentuate desire. The fragrance was named after Greek god of love and son of goddess Aphrodite – Eros. Inspiration by ancient Greece has lasted since the time when Gianni Versace raised his fashion empire and took goddess Medusa as symbol of the brand to adorn numerous products of the house, among them also the new flacon of men's fragrance Eros.

The new perfume Eros is the first in the past five years to be launched and aimed at men. Donatella Versace's desire was to fit the fragrance into the concept of the Versace brand and to depict style and significance of long-lasting design, quality and popularity. "Eros is truly the DNA of the house of Versace" - explains Donatella. "We have a Greek motive making us think about ancient Greece, antiquities and mythology, while turquoise color represents the Mediterranean. That is Versace!"

Eros was created by Aurelien Guichard of Givaudan and it was announced as fresh, woody and slightly oriental. The fragrance includes mint oil combined with green apple and Italian lemon. Warmth is provided by tonka mixed with Venezuelan ambroxan and geranium flowers giving a fougere twist to the fragrance this way.


Customer Reviews

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100% Eros!!!

F.B.O. has been my main go too source for inexpensive fragrance oils to wear at an affordable price. I've tried other body oil types and they were all off the mark. F.B.O. has really stunned me with their fragrances bc it's been dead on to its inspirations! Eros is 100% identical to my nose and has completely satisfied my addiction to beinf able to smell great at work and playful! Great compliment factor!

Excellent fragrance

The fragrance carries well and mixes nicely with my own scent, according to my new fans lol.

Love it!!

Love it!!

Two Thumbs Up!

This is one of my favorites! I get steady compliments on this one each time I wear it. It lasts all day! No joke. I hate to sound so generic. Lol! All jokes aside though, this is good stuff. Go ahead and get you a bottle or two! ;-)

Oils, soap, and linen spray

Oils are great as usual. I tried the linen spray and body wash too this time. I'm digging the linen spray, give my bed a quick spritz and it's super calming. Not digging the body wash, not fragrant or sudsy. Maybe the scent just wasn't a good one for soap? With such good pricing, I don't mind trying new things and not having them be what I want. Still a five star purchase.