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Ambroxan has a subtle sensual quality with a radiant, long-lasting drydown.

It is a crystal with a chemical structure identical to the ambrox derived from ambergris. For centuries ambergris was perhaps the most prized ingredient in perfumery. It is a somewhat mysterious substance expelled by the cachalot or sperm whale which only attains its fine scent after a long maturation floating in the ocean. Ambergris is rarely found these days, and the ‘amber’ in a modern fragrance will be a lab-created equivalent of some of the aroma-molecules that make up its scent. By far the finest of these is the nature-identical molecule, Ambroxan.

Ambergris was always valued for its refinement as well as its sensuality. This quality persists in Ambroxan. “It has a fresh almost mineral quality,” says perfumer, Geza Schoen, “that lingers into the drydown.”

Ambroxan was isolated from plant sources in 1950.

Customer Reviews

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Kind of happy and kind of upset!

So the part that made me happy, is that what I got was exact! The only problem is that it’s escentric 02, not Molecule 02! I’ve tried to reach out to see if I could return and get something for the same price and haven’t heard back yet! It would be different to me if I was expecting to get Escentric 02, but as it says clearly in the title (Molecule 02). Molecule 02 is not what I received! I don’t want my money back. I would just like to receive what I ordered or something else of my choosing for the same price. I did not use what I received! I opened it up and smelled it, and then put the cap back on. However with all this, the copy of Escentric 02 is on point!

Satisfied customer

I am completely satisfied with my order. I was skeptical at first but I have been getting non-stop compliments. I definitely will be shopping again.

Surprisingly nice

Surprisingly Nice. Has some undertones that would be suitable for a man but I like wearing it myself

No product

I have Not received my product

Your order is still in transit according to USPS, we are sorry but we do not control their ship times, especially around this time of year, they are known to be Extra tardy :(
Smells Awesome!

Got shipped to me quick and Love all the fragrances I ordered

I found a way to give it 10 stars after all! And it deserves it!

I adore Molecule 02. This one is phenomenal! My goodness, this is an amazing fragrance that I find so versatile. I wear it alone, or with other scents for a change. But it’s so unique, it really is amazing and as always, FBOz has achieved perfection in my opinion. This one is in a category of its own and is scrumptious! I love this one so much... it’s difficult to express actually.

Looooove Molecule 02

Every time I use it I live it more! These people KNOW their business.


Smells awesome and a great price!!