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Juliette Has A Gun

Our Impression of Moscow Mule

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Crisp, potent and energizing- a Moscow Mule, that electric combination of premium vodka, fresh lime, and fiery ginger beer, served in an ice-cold copper mug, might just be the perfect summer refreshment. It's only appropriate that this simple, perfect formula is the inspiration for the latest from Romano Ricci and Juliette Has A Gun, a house that's always excelled at finding the complexity in minimalism. And what a knockout Moscow Mule is- blending bright, tart bergamot with a wonderfully spicy ginger note for an intoxicating kick from the very first sniff. In the background, a subtly powerful base of Norlimbanol- a Firmenich molecule known for dry woodsiness and a sexy hint of animalic amber- ensures rich longevity without sacrificing an ounce of freshness. Is Moscow Mule a simple scent? Absolutely. But in that simplicity is a stunning- and wonderfully easy to wear- cocktail perfect for literally any occasion. Sidle up to the bar and order yourself a Moscow Mule- who knows where your night will take you?

Moscow Mule  Notes

Bergamot, ginger, woody notes (norlimbanol)

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I adore this fragrance 😍
Confused by the package
Fresh clean citrus