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Tom Ford

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men. Tobacco Vanille was launched in 2007. Top notes are tobacco leaf and spicy notes; middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and cacao; base notes are dried fruits and woody notes.

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Product

Tobacco Vanille oil is the best. It is straight Beast Mode. Lingers in the air as you walk by. Everybody always ask me what am I wearing. Sometimes I tell them sometimes I dont. Dont want everybody smelling like me. I love it!!!

Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille smells like Root Beer and really isn't to my liking. Nevertheless, FragrantBodyOilz did a great job mailing and packaging the product to me.

Tobacco Vanille

SMELLS AMAZING!!! I’m so glad I found this company through the beautiful QUEEN EVA MONROE!

Dead-on Replica

I wore TF Tobacco Vanille for years. At the time I was making a lot of money and could afford it. But things change and I moved into a different part of my industry that doesn’t earn nearly the same amount of $$ but one that offers a much better quality of life. So - goodbye TF. And I promised I’d never buy another bottle of it.
Several months ago I saw an ad for FrangrantBodyOilz and thought “for less than $20 - what the heck. I’ll give it a shot.” When I sprayed it on I was amazed - it was like a gift from God. On me, it smells EXACTLY like TF. The only downside is it doesn’t have the same staying power but a cost analysis quickly proved that even if I have to spray it on twice a day, and thus need more bottles per year, I’m still saving $200 annually vs. the real thing.
I’d give this a 10 star rating if I could!!!

Tobacco Vanille 😍

TV by FBO is definitely my favorite winter fragrance (thus far 😉) I seem to find a scent that I love more every order that I place. TV warms down on my skin to a fresh & cinnamon scent. It makes me think of sitting by a fireplace, snuggled up with my favorite blanket but with just a teeny crack in an adjacent window open - allowing a cool crisp winter breeze in to tickle your senses. For me its a must have scent in my collection. Definitely one for a mature minded individual. 🥰

Tobacco Vanille

Everyone always ask what are you wearing, I love it.

Amazing products!!

Been a long time customer and I will continue to be! Your Tom Ford products alone keep me coming back I love every part of my regiment being scented in tobacco vanille lol

Tobacco Vanilla

Just love this scent! So different yet familiar. Lasts all day.