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 For thousands of years natural body oils have been extracted to soothe and enhance the body and spirit. Cultures and civilizations from around the world have long since recognized the healing and relaxing properties of fragrance oils. Fragrant Body Oilz offers you more than 500 of the very same exotic oils at your fingertips as used in ancient Egypt, the Renaissance, and by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, known today through the Hippocratic Oath on which all modern doctors swear to in the care of their patients.

Browse through Fragrant Body Oilz's luxurious and affordable lines of fragrance and designe Body oils, lotions, body sprays, shea butters and more for both men and women. Apply generously to discover the secret to soft and radiant skin, therapeutic relaxation, and sensual attraction. Feel confident in knowing you're pampering yourself with organic premium grades of fragrance oils extracted from natural flowers, roots, seeds, leaves, fruits and resins that compose our body oils.



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